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Sart Magnetic Level Gauges

SART von Rohr magnetic level gages are widely used in industry as a level measuring instrument.

It is ideal for many applications as it is completely self-contained and requires no power source.

They provide a clear and safe view of what is happening in the tank by means of a magnetic float that gives the position of the liquid level in the tank to an indicator system fixed outside the tank.

The SART Von Rohr magnetic level gauges are a simple, robust and reliable construction with exceptional visibility at 180 degrees.

With 50 years of experience in the construction of magnetic level gages, SART von Rohr brings its know-how to highly technical applications on both heavy and light fluids.

SART von Rohr has registered several patents on this type of instrument, in particular on the association of a magnetic level indicator with a radar control system, allowing redundancy of the level measurement feedback.

Built with special materials, such as PVC or PVDF, which allow to manage technical and aggressive fluids.

MBSK – Magnetic Level Gauge