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STL, in partnership with Shannon INSULTECH®, has introduced an insulation program designed to improve insulation performance on existing steam systems, whereby the existing insulation has been removed and never replaced.  Shannon blankets are quick to install, quick to remove and quick to reinstall!

Re-install the blanket just one time and it has paid for itself!

  • With minimal maintenance costs, the INSULTECH blanket can be removed and reused for an estimated 15 year service life.
  • As well as improving your steam system, the INSULTECH system will lower the ambient temperature in mechanical rooms, tunnels, manholes, and the general work environment.  It will also reduce the risk of burns from steam fittings.
  • STL offers free energy surveys to present the huge potential in energy savings for our customers. Most projects have a 4-16 month payback period! 
  • Shannon have over 30 years of experience and became the market leader in energy survey service driven projects for steam systems.