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SCHROEDAHL Pump Protection Valves

SCHROEDAHL invented the pump protection valve and is the world market leader in this sector.

Pump protection valves are required to ensure the minimum flow rate of a pump at all times. This protects the pump against overheating, cavitation and finally, destruction. If the flow through the pump falls below a certain level the bypass system opens and the fluid will be recirculated providing the required minimum flow for the pump.

The SCHROEDAHL- pump protection valves work in a modulating way. Should the discaharge increase through the following processes, then the amount of fluid recirculated by the bypass is automatically reduced- and vice versa. This increases the efficiency of the entire system and optimises the economy in the low-load operation.

The pump protection works entirely over the inside valve technology. The volume by which the process decreases is measured independent of the pressure – the amount returned over the bypass is adapted automatically.

Pump Protection Valves for Centrifugal Pumps

Type SUL:

  • Max. PN #300 | PN63/64
  • Cast Body
  • Economic & Sufficient Design

Type TDL:

  • Max. PN #300 | PN63/64 except PN #600 | PN100
  • Forged Body
  • Check valve in the bypass
  • Venturi Ring Design

Type TDM

  • Max. PN #2500 | PN400
  • Forged Body
  • High Pressure Let Down
  • Bypass Device (up to 5 Stages)

Pump Protection Valves for High Pressure Centrifugal Pumps

Type MRK

  • Max. PN #4500 | PN640
  • Forged Body
  • High Pressure Let Down
  • Bypass Device (up to 7 Stages)
  • E. g. Offshore Applications

Pump Protection Valve for Centrifugal Pumps used in Descaling Applications

Type TDC

  • Max. PN #2500 | PN400
  • Forged Body
  • Descaling Application

Back Pressure Valves

Type BPV

  • Max. PN #2500 | PN400
  • Forged Body
  • Suitable for liquids of all kinds

2-way Control Valves




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