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SCHROEDAHL Control Valves for Water Applications

SCHROEDAHL Cooling Water and Feedwater Control Valves

Schroedahl manufacture various high-quality cooling water and feed water valves for pure water applications in industrial or power plant processes.

Forged housings as globe, z or angle valves are configurable in various nominal sizes and pressure ratings.

Besides a feed water valve with injection function, Schroedahl offer an innovative feed water combined valve, which has two functions in one system – for example the control of the start-up and the main load case.  Thereby, time and effort of installing a plant and mainly the costs can be reduced.

The Schroedahl cooling water control valves are conceived as space saving, compact control valves for injection and temperature control.  The optimum mechanics reduce the required actuating forces to a minimum, so that small, cost-effective actuators can be used.

The design of the Schroedahl control valves enables some of them to also be used as high-quality pump protection valves.

Type AK – High Pressure Control Valve with Axial Throttle Body in a cascade design

Type AC – A particularly robust high pressure Control Valve

Type AV – A particularly robust high pressure Control Valve for water applications in single or multi-stage design as perforated bushing

Type AVC (combi valve) – Customised high pressure Control Valve with special dual valve combination of the throttle body

Type GD – A particularly robust single or multi-stage throttle with axially arranged perforated orifice




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